Annual General Membership Meeting 2022
Makati City

The PHILGBC advocates for the establishment and effective implementation of policies and programs geared towards the promotion of green buildings and a sustainable built environment.  Through the PHILGBC Advocacy Program, we actively collaborate with both national and local government entities to develop sustainability policies and programs for the building industry that are transparent, inclusive, and responsive.  Our goal is to enhance the quality of life in the built environment.

The PHILGBC represents building industry leaders who share a common vision and set of goals for improving the places where people live, work, and play. We collaborate with materially affected stakeholders in the development of responsive green building programs and policies. By forging meaningful industry connections, the PHILGBC actively engages government, businesses, professionals, academia, and civil society to develop sustainability programs and policies that address their needs and capabilities.

Contact the PHILGBC National Secretariat at to learn more about the PHILGBC's advocacy program.


When developing green building and sustainability programs, the PHILGBC engages the diverse range of stakeholders within the building industry.  The PHILGBC supports government in developing program frameworks and facilitating consensus building when developing responsive sustainability policies and programs.  This approach ensures that the resulting policies and programs are attuned to the needs and concerns of the people and are aligned with the overarching goal of serving the common good. 


The PHILGBC collaborates with national government agencies and local governments to foster the promotion of green building and sustainability in national and local policies and programs.

The PHILGBC supports government leaders and decision makers in developing programs and policies to support the delivery of their sustainability mandates.  This collaborative effort ensures that sustainable practices are seamlessly integrated into the broader goals of governance at various levels.


The PHILGBC continues to support national and local governments with capacity building in green building and sustainability.  The PHILGBC supports the development and implementation of green building and sustainability policies and programs through sustained communication and training and capacity building activities to policymakers, implementing bodies, and their constituents.