Annual General Membership Meeting 2022
Makati City

The PHILGBC is a coalition of leaders from every sector of the building industry, making it the largest green building initiative in the Philippines.  Leading corporations and numerous individuals collaborate to drive the advancement of the green building movement in the country.

Our membership is diverse, with representatives from various sectors, including developers, property managers, civil society organizations, architects, engineers, manufacturers, material suppliers, contractors, media, lawyers, and building industry consultants, among others.  This multi-sectoral approach ensures a holistic perspective in promoting green building practices and sustainability in the built environment.

Join us in transforming the building industry and in helping to create a more sustainable and resilient built environment.  Your involvement is critical as we collectively shape the future of green buildings, districts and cities. Together, we can create a built environment that is environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially inclusive.

What are the Member benefits?

Leadership in green building

PHILGBC is the largest green building movement in the country.  By becoming a member, you support the work of the PHILGBC in promoting a more sustainable built environment and share the organization's mission.

Member action

Members have access to programs and events that further advance our mission to advance green building in the country.  

As a member, you have early access to the development of the different tools and programs of the Council.  You are also eligible in participating in the different committees and working groups of the Council.

Advocacy and representation

As a member, you can help shape the future, and in advocating for industry-related policies, regulations, and standards.

The PHILGBC, as an organization, serves as the voice and brings forth the interests of our membership in consultations and discussions on forthcoming regulations and standards.

Learning opportunities

You will have access to workshops, webinars, and trainings on sustainability conducted by experts in the field.  This continuous learning can help you enhance your skills and knowledge, and keep you up-to-date with current and emerging green building best practices and solutions.

Networking opportunities and marketing support

Connect with like-minded people and organizations and build relationships with leaders in the green building industry.

In addition, you have the opportunity to highlight your company's sustainability strategies and be featured in events hosted by the Council.

Discounts and savings

Members have access to discounted rates for Council and partner events, and discounted certification fees under the different tools of the Council, including BERDE, ANZ/PH and H+W.

How do you become a Member?

To become a member, please complete the following procedure:

Once you complete the registration requirements and paid the membership dues, the PHILGBC National Secretariat will issue the official receipt and your Membership Certificate.

Who are the Sustaining Sponsors?

Sustaining Sponsors are members that help the Council in continuing its work in promoting sustainability in the Philippines.

Diamond Sustaining

Gold Sustaining

Silver Sustaining